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Code of Conduct

General Principles

  1. The Jurisconsults (the JC), makes this Code of Conduct (hereinafter called ‘the Code’) which establishes the principles and rules of conduct that the JC (including counsels/advocates and staff) shall at all times follow in fulfilling their professional responsibilities and in order to preserve the dignity of, and respect for, the legal profession.
  2. The JC’s relationship towards its client, the adverse party and the opposing counsel, other counsels, courts, and other bodies shall be determined by the counsel's role as the protector of the rights of citizens and legal entities.
  3. In his or her appearances, submissions, speeches and public and private appearances in general, an advocate shall always consider the requirements of professional and general culture.
  4. The Code defines our core values, sets the direction and provides guidance to ensure that a positive culture and high ethical standards remain a natural part of our everyday operations. It helps us try to make the world a better place together

Our values

  1. History shows that long-term success in business as well as in personal life is not possible without a good reputation and trustworthiness. This is especially true for legal professionals.
  2. We believe that the right path to achieve such a good reputation and trustworthiness leads through day-to-day adherence to certain basic values that help us to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong.
  3. The main values of the JC are:
  1. Moral integrity
    1. The JC shall maintain and uphold the highest professional and ethical code of conduct issued by the Pakistan Bar Council or so required otherwise.
    2. The JC shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that the Team conforms to the Code and the Code of Conduct issued by regulatory bodies of the legal profession.
    3. The JC is required to schedule and carry out regular audits of compliance with the Code and Code of Conduct of the regulatory bodies.
    4. Every team member of the JC is required to promptly declare its conflict of interest, if any, in a case and to report it immediately to the Managing Partner. Such a team member must refrain from any further action unless there is a risk of delay and there is no sufficient time frame to hand the matter over to another team member.
    5. The JC shall have a Zero Tolerance Policy with respect to the professional and ethical conduct.
  2. Pursuit of excellence
    1. The motto of the JC shall be ‘Excellence’ and it shall be pursued vigorously and diligently. It means fulfilment of purpose and the act of living up to one's full potential with superlative ability and superiority (Arete).
    2. Excellence is a philosophy of the workplace to do best by focussing on the clients’ needs, keeping the employees positive and empowered, bias for action, problem solving, teamwork, leadership and compelling organizational values result in the ongoing improvement.
  3. Social responsibility
    1. The JC shall help the public to recognize legal problems because such problems may not be self-revealing and often are not timely noticed. Therefore, the JC shall encourage and participate in educational and public relations programs concerning our legal system with particular reference to legal problems that frequently arise.
    2. The JC has an obligation to render public interest and pro bono legal services to: (a) persons of limited financial means, or (b) not for profit, governmental or public service organizations, where the legal services are designed primarily to address the legal and other basic needs of persons of limited financial means, or (3) organizations specifically designed to increase the availability of legal services to persons of limited financial means.


    1. The JC respects the right to privacy of its clients as well as its team members.
    2. The JC considers all personal data and information as sensitive and confidential treats it accordingly.
    3. The JC shall safely discard all personal data and information when it is no longer needed.

    Prohibition of harassment

    1. The JC members work together as a team and treat each other fairly.
    2. The JC expect everyone to treat colleagues with dignity and respect at all times.
    3. The JC condemns and is committed to prevent or eliminate any behaviour which creates a hostile working environment. Therefore, harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited with zero tolerance policy.


The JC is determined to minimize the negative impact of its operations on the environment. Taking into consideration its scope of business it has identified the following main areas of interest:

  1. implementing a waste management system that promotes waste minimization, reuse, and recycling, where practical;
  2. monitoring energy efficiency and having it as one of the criteria for the selection of new services, facilities, and equipment; and
  3. ensuring an environmental education and a general awareness of the environmental issues across the JC.

Health and safety

  1. The JC promotes a positive, safe and healthy working environment for its team members. The JC actively creates the appropriate conditions to achieve that.
  2. The JC always complies with all local laws that concern health and work safety.
  3. The JC is committed to maintaining its premises drug-free, including alcohol and tobacco.

Public activities

While the JC respect the civil rights of its team members, the exercise of such rights within any political or other public activity is to be exercised in such a way that it does not cause third parties to question the JC independence or commitments arising from the conflicts of interest rules.


  1. The JC will have Partners, Senior Associates, Associates, Trainees and Staff including Manager and Clerk (the Team).
  2. A standard agreement of association shall be executed with the JC by every member of the Team.
  3. The JC shall be administered by the Partners who may select one of them as a Managing Partner.
  4. The Managing Partner shall be responsible, on behalf of the Partners, for day to day affairs of the JC and shall have a casting vote in case of a tie.
  5. The expenses of the JC will be borne by the JC and Partners (includes Managing Partner) on equal basis or on any other formula as mutually agreed upon;
  6. Profit (income minus expenses), if any, of the JC may be divided amongst the Partners as mutually agreed.
  7. A Trainee shall not be entitled to any stipend; however, he/she may be occasionally paid depending upon his/her interest in work and contribution made by him/her to the JC;
  8. There shall be Clerk (s) of the JC to assist the litigation work;
  9. The Library shall be managed by a Senior Associate or Associate to be nominated by the JC;
  10. The library being used by the JC is provided by Silsala-e-Aalia and Zafarullah Khan Trusts and the Team shall have fiduciary responsibility towards its proper utilization care;
  11. A Register of assets of the JC/Trusts shall be prepared and properly maintained indicating ownership/trusteeship of different items available with the JC;
  12. The JC may make issue instructions for the proper functioning of the JC.
  13. If any issue arises as to the interpretation and application of any of the provision of this Code, the decision of the Partners, thereupon, shall be final

Office management

  1. The JC shall strive to keep its office and the working style worthy of the reputation of the legal profession as an autonomous and independent service.
  2. The JC shall maintain an orderly and timely record of all cases, develop a storage system and accurate files of all dates and hearings, so that both the counsels and the client are always able to check the files for any data on a particular case.
  3. An advocate shall be responsible for the assigned work of its law office.
  4. The JC shall be particularly conscientious and punctual in its financial operations.
  5. The JC shall have the right to ask for the payment of accrued expenses. If the client does not deposit the money for the coverage of such expenses, the JC may refuse to continue representing the client.
  6. An agreement on the fee for rendering legal service shall only be made in accordance with the laws of the land.